Simon Fraser University Kendo Club

Kendo @ Burnaby mountain

3rd Annual BCKF Senior Taikai – July 31, 2010 @ SFU

3rd Annual BCKF Senior Championships
July 31, 2010 (Saturday)

Location: SFU Gym, Burnaby, BC
Open to all Shodan and Above, no age limit

Individual Competition Category
Round Robin (Groups of 3) followed by Tree Bracket to Finals
4 min matches, no overtime for Round Robins
4 min matches, overtime for Tree Bracket

Team Competition Category
“Last Man Standing”, Kachinuki
4 min matches, no overtime
Two teams allowed per dojo (minimum 4 players from same dojo, unless exceptions granted)

Entries by Friday July 16.  If you need players to fill out your team(s), please send in your registration early so that we can help you find them.

Past winners:

2008 Individual: Dean Ara, Renbu Dojo
2009 Individual: Norimaki Akitaya, Vancouver Kendo Club

2008 Team: Renfrew Dojo
2009 Team: Renfrew Dojo


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