Simon Fraser University Kendo Club

Kendo @ Burnaby mountain

BCKF July Seminar – July 7 – 10, 2010 @ SFU & Sunrise dojo

Dear BCKF & CKF Members:

The Sunrise Kendo Club is very excited to announce that it will be hosting a series of kendo seminars in early July. Uegaki Sensei has invited 4 prominent Sensei from Japan to lead these sessions.

The instructors include:

  • Yoshiyama Mitsuru Sensei: kendo kyoshi 7th dan; author of the well known publication “The Kendo Grading Book.”
  • Shiina Kazue Sensei: 7th headmaster Hokushin Itto-Ryu & Head Instructor of the Sekai (World) Kendo Butoku Washinkai
  • Aida Shinji Sensei: kendo kiyoshi 7th dan; Vice-President of the Sekai (World) Kendo Butoku Washinkai;
  • Kouzu Kazuhiko Sensei: head of the culture & arts division of the Sekai (World) Kendo Butoku Washinkai.

The curriculum will cover a range of topics (including kendo/zen breathing techniques and training methods to improve your kendo), but it will also likely feature some demonstrations of Hokushin Itto-Ryu and techniques that apply to kendo.

The seminar schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, July 7th — 7pm – 9:00pm
Location: SFU East Gym

Open to all BCKF & CKF members; all levels

Refer to this link for directions to the gym and parking info.
The East Gym is adjacent to the Central Gym and closest to the swimming pool.

Thursday, July 8th — 7pm – 9:30pm

Location: Sunrise dojo (Hastings Community Centre; in the Community Hall behind the main gym)
** Since the Community Hall is a fairly small space, we request that this practice be limited to yudansha level kendoka **

Friday, July 9th — 7pm – 9:00pm

The new location will be FALSE CREEK COMMUNITY CENTRE (@ Granville Island) in the Main Gym. The community centre is located next to the tennis courts on the south east side of the island.

Saturday, July 10th — 1pm – 5pm

Location:  Hastings Community Centre main gym (confirmed)
Open to all BCKF & CKF members; all levels

Please pass this information on to all of your respective club members. This will be an interesting and exciting series of workshops. Once we settle on a location for the July 10th workshop, I will let you know.


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