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Remember to Register!

Last week was our trial week for the fall semester and we had a pretty good turnout! It was great to see both new and old faces :) Our fall program officially starts next week, so please remember to register! And yes, you may register for the program even if you didn’t come for the trial week~

To Register Online:
1) Go to: SFU Recreation & Athletics Online Registration
2) Login or Create new Account
3) Click Add to add the course to your shopping cart
4) Checkout!

Note: Please also pay for the club fee if you are a SFU student! I’m not sure if you can pay for it online. If it is not an option, please pay at the SFU Recreation center (follow direction below)

To Register at SFU Rec:

Other friendly reminders:
1) New members – please come in t-shirt and shorts (or anything you can move comfortably in).
2) Take off your shoes and socks upon entering the dojo (gym). Line them up nicely!
3) Please try and arrive at least 10 min before start of practice.


Trial Week – Sept 19th and Sept 21th, 2011

Hi all prospective members,

We will be having our trial week for the Fall Semester 2011 this week!

Full details:
Mon (Sept 19) @ Central Gym: Iaido 6:00pm~7:30pm, Kendo 7:30pm~9:30pm
Wed (Sept 21) @ Central Gym: Iaido 6:00pm~7:30pm, Kendo 7:30pm~9:30pm

You may choose to attend only Iaido or only Kendo, or to attend both! Our trial is free and open to the general public. This is your chance to find out what is Iaido and Kendo, and try it out for yourself! Please come with proper gym attire (shorts and t-shirt).

Hope to see you there!