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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Intercollegiate and Steveston Taikai Results

Congratulations to SFU Kendo participants for a job well done at both tournaments!

Intercollegiate results for SFU:

1st place – Justin si
2nd place – Hannah Schofield
3rd place – Gelang Ouyang & Richard Kim

Ikkyu & under:
1st place – Julio Oliviera
2nd place – Ronnie Ma
3rd place – Becca Hsu

Shodan & up:
3rd place – Alan Song

Steveston Taikai results for SFU:

Women Shodan & under:
1st place – Becca Hsu

Mens Ikkyu & under:
3rd place – Julio Oliviera

>> 7th Intercollegiate Taikai

>> 50th Annual Steveston Taikai