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UW and VKC Taikai Results

Two taikai in one month!

SFU hasn’t participated in the UW taikai for couple years, so it was great that we had a team going down to Seattle! Everyone put up a great fight in their respective individual categories, and although we did not get far in the team match, it was a very valuable experience!

1-3 Kyu Division
2nd place – Lily Wang
3rd place – Becca Hsu

We had a great turnout for the VKC Taikai – 10 people, two teams. While we did not have anyone finishing top 3 in the individual categories, we’re very happy to announce that our Team A (Julio, Michael, Hawon, James, David) made it to the semi finals! Despite sporting all different injuries, they showed great spirit and won two team matches, finishing 3rd. That made history for the club in terms of team placement at VKC Taikai! Definitely a moment worth remembering~

From the taikai and practices, we can really see each member’s self improvement in kendo, and our club growing as a whole :) So proud of everyone! Let’s continue to practice hard, eat lots, and keep getting better and better!

>> UW Taikai

>> VKC Taikai


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