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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Fall 2012 Highlights

[11/03/2012] PNKF 38th Annual Taikai
We were able to get 7 members to participate this time, and everyone did really well. Our senior team, though didn’t advance, put up a very good fight. Congratulations to Alan S. for placing 3rd in 1-2Dan division!

38th PNKF Taikai

[10/22/2012 & 11/20/2012] Joint Practice with UBC
UBC Kendo Club has always been a sister club with us, and it was great to be able to do joint practices with them. Thanks to all the UBC members who made their way up to SFU, and to those that went to UBC for practice I’m sure they learned a lot! Special thanks to Tsuyoshi, Becca, and Scott for organizing it.

[10/24/2012] Fall 2012 Icebreaker
Thanks to everyone for coming to our icebreaker! Hope everyone had fun, and continue practicing kendo~

Fall 2012 Icebreaker

[10/20/2012] Mudansha Taikai
Congratulations to Alex M. for placing 3rd in non-bogu division, Scott R. for placing 3rd in 1-2kyu division, and the “almost all-women” SFU team for placing 3rd in team match! And a big thanks to our seniors for coming to volunteer and to show support!

2012 Mudansha Taikai

[09/15/2012] UVic Ted Davis Memorial Seminar
We had a great turn out for this year’s seminar, which was different from previous years as Hamaguchi sensei and 29 university students and instructors came to visit! It was definitely a good practice and learning experience for everyone~
5th Ted Davis Memorial Seminar