Simon Fraser University Kendo Club

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Club History

A work in progress

Before we can start with the Simon Fraser University Kendo Club, we must look to our sister club, the University of British Columbia Kendo Club.

UBC Kendo Club is one of the oldest martial arts club on the university still continuing today and recently celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2010. Okusa-sensei was a student at UBC from Japan at the time and joined the club as a founding member. Following the departure of the head instructor to Japan, Okusa-sensei took up the reigns and lead UBC Kendo for nearly 30 continuous years.

2012 Spring Icebreaker

In the span of these 30 years, Okusa-sensei started a family, had a flourishing business, and was able to achieve 7-dan in kendo. Eventually, desiring to cut down on the commute time from his home in Burnaby to the Vancouver campus of UBC, Okusa-sensei left UBC Kendo Club in the able hands of Harding-sensei who has been a student of his that started at UBC Kendo. Similarly, students of Okusa-sensei have gone to found and assist various other kendo dojos around Canada such as Kelowna Kendo Club, Regina Kendo Club, and Edmonton Kendo Club. Okusa-sensei was also able to establish his own dojo – Zousoukan Kendo Dojo on his own parcel of property.

Spreading flyers around the Simon Fraser University campus, in the fall of 2001, SFU Kendo was founded with 7 members. As we near our 10th anniversary, our club has grown significantly and we attract more members with every passing semester. We keep especially close relations to our sister club at UBC and make an annual trip to Kelowna for Gasshuku (training camp) that is not to be missed. Additionally, we take part in an annual Intercolligate tournament with UBC and the University of Victoria on top of regular British Columbia Kendo Federation and Canadian Kendo Federation events. In 2010, SFU Kendo Club added Iaido instruction with under Jorgenson-sensei which further expanded the family.

Today, SFU Kendo is proud to have over 25 seniors in bogu and countless other beginners which join every school semester. Feel free to pay us a visit, whether just to watch or join in practice.