Simon Fraser University Kendo Club

Kendo @ Burnaby mountain

Interested in joining?

Interested in Joining?

Our club accepts new members three times a year: January, May, and September. You do not have to be an SFU student to be part of the SFU Kendo program. As we are part of SFU Recreation, we ask that you sign up here.

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Currently, fees are $77.00 for a full 4 month semester for non-SFU students and $72.00 for SFU students. Please note, as we are a SFU Club, maintaining our club status enables us to use the gym free of charge. We kindly ask that you ask to pay the $5.00 club fee to support club activities such as ice breakers and outings. Only current SFU students can be part of the club.

Every semester we have a trial week which is usually the second or third week of the semester. For these two days beginners wishing to try out kendo are welcome and we only ask that you wear comfortable gym clothing and we hope you’ll consider joining our program. For returning students or for those who have previously done kendo, please discuss with the seniors for anything that may be needed.

Currently SFU Kendo has people ranging from students to working professionals, alumni, and high school students. We look forward to anyone who wants to try out kendo.

For your first semester, we only ask that you purchase a shinai (bamboo sword) from the club at an additional cost of $35. After the first semester, we usually ask students to purchase their hakama and kendogi (the uniform) which costs approximately $100. The bogu (armour) can only be worn after permission is given by the instructor and can range anywhere from $350 to about $500 for a starting set.