Simon Fraser University Kendo Club

Kendo @ Burnaby mountain


Q. Who can join the club?
A. If you are interested in joining, send us an email at or leave a message on our SFU Kendo Facebook Group.

Q. When can I join the club?
A. We usually only accept beginners and new members in the first month of a semester (September, January, and May), or 1~2 weeks after trial week. If you are not new to Kendo (have bogu), you may still be able to join at other times. Please send an inquiry to

Q. How do I sign-up?
A. Sign up at the SFU Recreation Center in person at Burnaby Campus for the Kendo Program (and for the club if you are SFU student), or sign up online at SFU Recreation & Athletics Online Registration

Q. What do I need as a beginner?
A. As a beginner, you will only need to come in t-shirt and shorts (or any other appropriate gym attire). We practice bare-footed, so no special shoes are required. You will need to purchase a shinai (bamboo sword). The shinai can be bought from kendo vendors, or through our club for $35.
Note: We recommend purchasing through our club, since the cost ends up pretty much the same as buying from other places, and the profits go back to funding club events!

Q. Where/When can I buy the Kendo Gi and Hakama (uniform)?
A. You can buy the gi and hakama through kendo vendors (list can be found in “Links” page). The usual price range is around $80~$120. A member of our club sells $80/set (contact Becca if interested). The color we wear in kendo is navy for both hakama and gi. Some people do wear white gi with navy hakama. White gi and white hakama combination is usually only worn by women. If you have any doubts regarding which hakama and gi to buy, please ask the seniors.
Note: For beginners, please do not buy/wear hakama and gi in practice until sensei gives you permission.

Q. Where/When can I buy bogu?
A. You can buy bogu through kendo vendors (list can be found in “Links” page). The price of bogu can range anywhere from $400~$1500. Same as the gi and hakama, please do not purchase and wear bogu at practice until sensei gives you explicit permission. This can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, depending on how well you get your basics down. If you are looking at this section because you got the permission, congratulations! Make sure you do your research and ask seniors in the club for suggestions on which bogu to purchase!

Q. What are the costs involved?
A. Aside from shinai, uniform, and bogu equipment (some of which may not apply to you), there is a program registration fee of $74/semester ($79.50 for non-SFU), and a club fee of $5/semester.

Q. I am from another dojo, may I join your practices?
A. Visitors are always welcome! Please try and let us know in advance by sending an email to or leaving a post on our SFU Kendo Facebook Group.


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